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June 16, 2007 (Initial Date of Operation)

Capital JPY 50,000,000
Number of Member
Representative Director Keiichiro Kawahara, PhD (Engineering)
Registered Authorities

Ministry of Environment: Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act, Designated Research Institute

Aichi Prefecture Government : Constructors Permit

Our Business

  • We are the biochemical technology specialists, serving the world to create better environment.
  • We provide low cost, environmentally friendly, ecological biochemical services and products.
  • These services are provided to factories, general contractors, universities and others by partnering with domestic and international companies.

Our Motto

  • Through our environment business, we create the healthy community and safe society.

Our Policy on Environmental Services

  • We provide low cost & eco friendly services achieved through our vast on-site experience.
  • Our policy lies on our unique purification concept ,”Soft Remediation” with abundant use of the power of nature.
  • With our ”Soft Assay”, an environment screening is swiftly carried out.


Soft Remediation

Soft Remediation is a concept we highly recommend; it is a low cost and environmentally friendly remediation method.
If Hard Remediation is said as liken of a surgical operation in which soil is excavated or groundwater is pumped up for disposition, Soft Remediation may be said as liken of an internal therapy in which the method of in situ remediation utilizes the sanitization of Mother Nature and applied to the underground toxic substances. In order to exercise Soft Remediation, we have developed a method, a combination of Bio and Chemical Remediation called Biochemical Remediation Method. Our strength lies in our technical knowhow to execute this Biochemical Soft Remediation.

In near surface soil, it is easier to quantify toxic substances, thus, enabling to design heavy machineries and throughput in exact measure. However, in deep ground soils, the accurate quantification may become of difficulty. In such cases, it is necessary to introduce the method of in situ remediation which allows for some uncertainty in the work. It is essential to focus not only on hardware spec of machineries, but also on well versed engineering knowhow in software designing. In the in situ remediation, the knowhow on information application of bio chemical remediation becomes also critical.
In application of an in situ remediation, there exist certain risks in injecting chemicals/natural organic substances into the ground to enhance chemical/ biological degradation. It is always important to be reminded of taking the minimum risk in an in situ remediation to remove underground toxic substances in order to preserve the environment.
With consideration of these trade offs of environmental risks, we recommend “Soft Remediation Concept”, which actively uses natural in situ remediation.
Realization of this concept requires extensive technical knowhow on biochemical remediation to maximize the natural purification. Our technical staff having high achievements and scores of onsite experiences will promise a striking result. Some of our works have been presented in committees and technical verification projects in the Ministry of Environments and regional governments.
In Soft Remediation, it is essential to have fundamental knowledge in geological survey and remediation engineering. It is also important to have various consultations for realization of it. We can share the technical knowhow with global partners through licensing of them.

Three Key Technologies in Soft Remediation

  • Design ability: Remediation requires special technique in apt selection and right mixture of depuratives, in addition to the civil engineering knowledge on geo-technology. We provide depuratives of bio-nutrients uniquely blended with our special chemicals for a proper application.
  • Construction ability : Manufacturing, assembling and operation of a system which automatically inject the depuratives into the ground indeed require a good experience. At Earth Solution, we can correspond with the demand of the small scale sites to grand scale projects from manufacturing stage of appropriate factory-built machineries.
  • Consultation: In order to introduce the best environmentally friendly solution, it requires extensive negotiations with various parties involved. At Earth Solution, we can present clear and easy to understand descriptions of our technology, and make comparisons with conventional remediation work on cost, characteristics, environmental toxic issues, and the effect on environment during the engineering work, not just to clients but also to local municipals and residents.


We conduct investigative research and produce reports promptly and accurately, to accommodate a variety of required formats. We comprehend with dioxin and agricultural chemicals not subjected in Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act. We also carry out researches on atmospheric, noise/vibration, and water pollutions.

Geo-History Investigation (Phase I)

From the history of land usage, we investigate the possibility of contamination. Assessment is implemented with topographic/geological/cadastral maps, land register, areal photo and others. We also conduct site inspections, hold local hearings in some cases, and check on administrative restrictions.

Sample Investigation (Phase II)

We take actual samples from the ground to check on soil contaminations.
○Investigation of General Condition
The range of research and the substances to be examined for the investigation of general condition is determined with the result of geo-history survey (Phase I). An investigation is conducted with samples extracted to accord with the research plan. The ground surface is assessed with analysis of data obtained from the samples.
○Detailed Investigation
When the result of above exceeded the standard value of contamination density, we carry out a boring exploration on a spot which has the highest density of contamination. On each certain depth, we extract sample soil for assessment of spatial analysis in the direction of the boring hole.

Remediation (Phase III)

We take measurement on selecting preferred remediation method based on the result from Phase II. Our technical advisors are well experienced with the technological/safety management of various applications. The followings are the general technologies to be combined with Biochemical remediation.
○Water Pumping and Processing, Gas Suction, Excavation of Soil for Processing, Insoluble Treatment, Impervious Containment Treatment


Project Consulting

Soil contamination is not just technical issue; there are numerous implications on aspects such as depreciation of estate value, needless confusion from baseless rumors and occurrence of unprecedented events, etc, all of which affect the parties involved in the contamination. At Earth Solution, we stand on the side of our client to support them always with concern on the cost performance in a variety of scenes.

  • We carry out on behalf of clients presentations and discussion of situations to local committees and residents.
  • We conduct technical and comparative analyses and produce an order specification reports.
  • We support/deputize our clients in supervision of works and in project management.

Business Consulting

Our trained technicians have over 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge in soil remediation.
We may indeed assist you in the field of…

  • Development of soil remediation materials for biodegradation and chemical decomposition
  • Proposal of management strategy in soil remediation business.
  • Helping of engagement in partnership, securing and training human resources.


Soil and groundwater contamination problems exist not just in Japan and other developed nations, but it has grown to become a major concern on the environment amongst many countries. We want to be part of the solution to this global problem. We, thus, made our Soft Remediation Method available for licensing to the international market.

To those thinking of introducing In Situ Remediation Technology

~Advantage of In Situ Remediation~
 Our most effort is put into In Situ Remediation, a soil and groundwater remediation process without excavating the ground to purify contaminated underground substances. In Situ Remediation decomposes contaminated substances underground; it does not excrete any toxic substances. Therefore, it minimizes the environmental risk whilst maximizing the cost performance. There are cases in which the cost may be cut by a tenth compared to the conventional method of excavation and disposition.